Hello and thank you for your interest in KÄRV Woodworking.

My name is Kenney Skonieczny and I am the woodworker and artist behind KÄRV.

I have spent 30+ years working in metalworking and manufacturing starting from a manual machinist in the 70's to the world of CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) ... leading to the start-up of my CNC software company, Kentech Inc. in 1986. In 2018, Kentech Inc. is still creating innovative and pioneering CNC and machine shop software used by thousands of machinist and machine shops around the world.

In 2017 I decided to take my talents to woodworking and started  the KÄRV workshop with the concept of blending CNC technology with hand craftsmanship to design and develop unique, one-of-a-kind wooden inspirations. All the designs and products you see on this website are my own designs and creations crafted personally in my KÄRV workshop. Through KÄRV I offer both commissioned pieces and off-the-shelf retail items to provide my clients with a product that's just right for their specific requirements.

HPIM0600 (640x480).jpg

In 2019 I decided to try my hand at clay sculpting and immediately fell in love with the texture and freedom the clay provided. Through this journey I hope to combine my hand carving techniques with clay sculpting techniques … and even combine the mediums … to create some unique, one-of-a-kind pieces.

I invite you to browse the KÄRV gallery, shop the KÄRV Online Store, or contact us directly with your specific request or design. I look forward to an opportunity to work together to provide you with the perfect keepsake box, clock, commemorative plaque, or other unique wooden inspiration.

Let us create something just for you!



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