Perun - Slavic God of Thunder

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Perun is the highest, most dominant god in Slavic mythology. Occupying a space akin to Zeus in Greek mythology, Perun is the god of the storms, thunder and lightning. Slavic god of thunder is considered a fearsome figure in terms of power, but like Zeus is also fatherly and is the head of the pantheon of gods in the mythology of the Slavs.

Although Perun is the equivalent of Odin in Norse mythology, his appearance is more akin to Thor instead. Boasting a long, copper beard, Perun is a very muscular, rugged man who rides a chariot pulled by a goat buck and carries either a large axe or hammer depending upon the mythological stories that are told.

This KÄRV interpretive carving stands 8" tall and is roughly 2" x 2" length and width ... hand carved in basswood and finish stained.

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